Sharon Adams, MEd., CSCS, CPT

Thank you for your interest in working with me as your personal trainer, tri or run coach, or group leader.  Fitness is my passion and I am truly dedicated to working with you to achieve your specific goals.  My philosophy is geared towards you, your life, and to a realistic plan for success.

Focus on Fitness!  In order to become more fit, you have to do more than you usually do.  You have to push yourself harder than you usually do.  This involves a plan and a focus on that plan.  I will create the plan, and I will work with you to help you carry out that plan.  Or, if your goal is to simply maintain the fitness that you currently have, I will provide you with a constant variety of exercises that will continually challenge your body.


Focus on Function!  It is important for me to give you a program that matters to you- that helps you function optimally in your life.  Whether it is carrying a bag of groceries easier, feeling more comfortable going on a hike with your friends and family, running faster than you did last year in a local 5K race, fitting into your favorite pair of jeans, or just feeling better about your ability to move, I will help you focus on the things that matter to you.


Focus on Fun!  “Can you come out and play???”  Why is it that as children, exercise is regarded as play, but as we age, we call exercise a workout- it is work

This doesn’t need to be- movement is fun, health is fun, and achieving your goals is fun!

The world is our playground!  You do not have to belong to a health club to exercise!  I will meet you at your home, in a local park or trail, or at the gym (Fitness First, Reston).  I will work with you specifically towards your goals, and will do my best to pass on to you my motivation and love of movement.  I will share my knowledge of exercise with you so that you will gain an understanding of why I am having you perform a certain program.  You can be confident that you are on the right track to better fitness, function and fun!