Sharon Adams, MEd., CSCS, CPT

Race History
2012 SEASON:(yes.. this is sparse.. in the middle of a Haitian adoption).. life has changed!
Williamsburg Half Marathon;
Eagleman Half Ironman, June;
Luray Olympic Distance, August

2011 SEASON:
New Year's Leesburg 10K;  Virginia Duathlon;
Eagleman Half Ironman
Philadelphia Olympic Distance
USATriathlon Age Group Nationals, Burlington, VT

2010 SEASON:
Williamsburg Half;
Charlottesville Marathon;  Eagleman;
Charlottesville Olympic Distance; HAITI TRIP #1.. met Verlande:)


New Year's Day 10K

Williamsburg Half Marathon

Charlottesville Half Marathon

Virginia Duathlon

Duathlon Nationals, USAT

Eagleman Half Ironman

Dextro Energy Olympic Distance Triathlon, DC

Charlottesville Olympic Distance Triathlon

USATriathlon Age Group Nationals, Tuscaloosa, AL

Arlington 9/11 5K

Duathlon World Championships, Sept 09


New Year's Day 10K

Williamsburg 1/2 marathon, Feb

Charlottesville Marathon, April

Eagleman Half Ironman Triathlon, June

General Smallwood Triathlon, June

Luray International Distance Triathlon, August

Annapolis 10 Miler, August

Reston International Tri, September

Arlington 9/11 Memorial Run, September

Army 10 Miler, October

· Columbia Iron Girl, Aug
· Annapolis 10 Miler, Aug 
· Arlington 9/11 Race, Sept

· Columbia Triathlon, May
· Charlottesville Sprint Distance, June, 1st place Overall Female
· Charlottesville International Distance Triathlon, July
· Leesburg 10K, Aug, 3rd place in age group
· Annapolis 10 Miler, Aug, 7th place in age group
· Arlington 9/11 Memorial Race, 3rd place age group

· Annapolois 10 Miler, MD, Aug 
· September 11th 5K, Arlington, VA
· Kiawah Island Marathon, SC, Dec; Boston Marathon Qualifier

· Williamsburg 1/2 Marathon, VA, Feb
· Charlottesville Marathon, VA, Apr; 2nd Overall Female, Boston Marathon Qualifier
· Reston Century Bike Ride, VA, Aug
· September 11th 5K, Arlington, VA
Pregnant for the remainder of the season!  (9 month marathon!)
· Charlottesville Marathon, VA, Apr 
· Mountains of Misery Century Ride, VA, May
· Blackwater Eagleman Half Ironman, Cambridge, MD, Jun
· Ironman USA, Lake Placid, NY, Jul
· September 11 Memorial Run, Arlington, VA
· Rudolph Red Nose 10K, Fairfax, VA, Dec

2002 Season
· Columbia Triathlon, MD, May
· Blackwater Eagleman Half Ironman, Cambridge, MD, Jun 
· Wilkes Barre Triathlon, PA, Aug 
· Reston Century Bike Ride, VA, Aug 
· September 11 Memorial Run, Arlington, VA
· Rudolph Red Nose 10K, Fairfax, VA, Dec

· LaPlata Biathlon, MD, Apr; 1st Female 25-29
· Columbia Triathlon, May, MD 
· Blackwater Eagleman Half Ironman, Cambridge, MD, Jun
· Endless Mountain Triathlon, PA, Aug; 1st Female Overall
· To The Point ½ Ironman Triathlon, Cambridge, MD, Sep

· Columbia Triathlon, MD, May
· Penn Yan Triathlon, NY, June; 2nd Female 20-24
· Buffalo Triathlon, NY, July; 2nd Female 20-24
· Wilkes Barre Triathlon, PA, Aug
· The Great Keewaydin Triathlon, VT, Aug; 1st Female, 20-24

· Spring Sprint Biathlon, May; 1st Female 20-24
· Columbia Triathlon, MD, May
· Leonardtown Biathlon, June; 1st Female 20-24
· Penn Yan Triahlon, June; 3rd Female 20-24
· Triangle Triathlon (sprint), July; 2nd Female 20-24
· Wilkes Barre Triathlon, Aug
· Duke Liver Center Half Ironman, Oct; 3rd Female 20-24

· LaPlata Biathlon, MD, Apr; 2nd Female 20-24
· Spud Triathlon, Jun; FINISHED MY FIRST TRI!!
· Penn Yan Triathlon, NY, Jun
· Chesapeake Triathlon, Aug; 3rd Female 20-24
· Odyssey Half Ironman, Aug

WELCOME TO RISING SUN FITNESS... which is my company that I am of course completely passionate about.  My passion IS divided, I will be honest.  In saying that, I mean that my fitness passion is divided between training clients one on one, in groups, teaching crazy high energy nonstop push your limits classes, but also teaching yoga, and allowing ourselves space to be as we are on that day.  I am passionate about the health benefits of fitness, the daily CHARGE that it gives ANY SINGLE HUMAN BEING... but also about coaching my runners and triathletes to begin... and finish... to feel the exhilaration of finish lines, training sessions that amaze themselves, and yes.. there are sessions that are not good.. But they also are part of the big picture.. and I love being involved in that step too.  It is essential. 

My fitness practice, and my own personal journey in fitness has evolved over the years as I've had my children, and I expect it to continue to evolve and serve me as my journey takes me to new places in the future. 
Here's my short story... WHO AM I:
*I think I came out of the womb with goals.. yes I'm very driven and always have been.. ridiculously so....  I always have goals, and also like to make sure everyone around me has goals also:)
*I have struggled with allowing myself to relax..... I'm still learning this.... but my life has definitely changed from my yoga practice through the years.  I had no idea how this could bring such joy, peace, and contentment.
*I enjoy teaching and training ALL ages from KIDS- my kids yoga classes are 4-7 years!! all the way up to an 88 year old personal training client..... YES... love it all!
*My children have opened my eyes to a love i didn't know could exist in my heart... 
*I just am simply  joyful and passionate about swim/bike/run/challenging our bodies/moving in and with our bodies/and gaining not only the physical benefits, but the MENTAL benefits.  I will put it right out there that I am not happy if I haven't gotten my training time in.  I love exercise, sweat, muscles, pushing... not that it always FEELS awesome, but... I always am aware that the worst days produce the best days.

MORE..... (only if you want to read further!)
I received my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Virginia in 2000 and have been teaching and training clients since 1995…. But let me tell you how I got there…..


Well, let me take you way back…..  J


I have always been active, competitive and results oriented.  I was a competitive gymnast since I can remember, throughout high school.  This was truly my life and what my world revolved around.  Through gymnastics, I learned to love movement, feeling good about myself, accomplishing goals, and learning the feeling of improving at something after working really hard for it.  I loved the feeling of flying, of landing with balance, jumping with strength and power.  It is something I’ll never forget.  I honestly never achieved all that I wanted to in gymnastics; my dream was definitely cut short.  I am where I am now because of all of my life’s experiences.While I'll always carry a bit of disappointment for this, I wouldn’t change any of them.  I would not be the person I am today without some of my gymnastic "triumphs" as well as the hard times. 


Finishing high school, I knew IMMEDIATELY when I saw the undergraduate Sports Medicine program description for the University of Virginia that this was where I would go to college.  My family and I visited the campus, and I knew it was perfect- I just felt comfortable there right away.  Virginia is “God’s country” after all!!!   I applied and was not accepted, so I went to another school for my first year and tried to transfer.  After receiving a 4.0 for two semesters, I was still not accepted.  After a few more letters to the Dean of Admissions, after my file had become so thick that they probably knew me on a first name basis, I was let into the program of my dreams!!  It was such an honor for me to be at school at the University of Virginia, and I never took one moment of it for granted.  I always felt I had to prove myself since it had been such a struggle to get into school there, so I worked very hard.  It wasn’t a chore at all to study and work so hard though, since I was learning things that I loved!  I decided, while in the Sports Medicine program, that I wanted to go to medical school.  I loved health and at the time was learning so much about the physiology of the body.  I was waitlisted at 2 of my favorite medical schools, but just never got in.  Again, looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I decided that if I couldn’t become a doctor to help people feel better, then I would do something even BETTER.. help people be healthy so they needed doctors less!!  What a concept! I entered the Masters Program at UVA for Exercise Physiology. 


 I had already been teaching aerobics classes since coming to UVA, and had started personal training as a result of all that I had learned through the sports medicine program.  I loved both of these things- I loved being able to share my knowledge and my excitement with those who needed the motivation or support, or just those who loved taking a high energy class!!   I ran my first marathon in 1997 while taking a year off of school, began competing in triathlons, going longer and longer along the way!!  Yes, this was the same person who in high school, as a gymnast could only run short sprints- who could barely finish the mile in gym class!  So, I definitely was not a “natural”- none of this came easy!  That makes me all the more proud and all the more confident that anyone can participate and succeed in these things, if they have the desire!


Throughout this time, I was also developing myself as more of an endurance athlete. I continued to train for running races throughout the year- as well as about 6 key triathlons each summer season. I’ve been so lucky to have so much fun along the way- seeing places I wouldn’t have seen before, meeting people, and learning about myself along the way. Each race has always been such a story- when I’m done with each and every race I do, I love to share the whole thing with family and friends. Participating in these events is so much a reflection of who you are and how your mind thinks. You are always making decisions in races- how do I feel? Can I go faster? Am I hydrating enough? Am I saving enough energy for the distance? Would I rather push 100% now and take a chance on getting my best time, even if it means I may not make it and I may push myself too much and have to walk the end? It is such a physical and mental game.

After doing sprint, Olympic and half Ironman distance races for about 5 years, I decided that 2003 was the time to take my triathlons to the ultimate distance- Ironman USA, Lake Placid! I trained a full year for this race, treating myself as if I were my own client, and being very serious and focused with my plan. It took much of my time that year, but I was incredibly focused, both mentally and physically. It was not easy- the training was actually harder than the race itself, I’d say. It was such a journey, but the feeling of finishing my first Ironman distance (in the pouring rain), through the mountains of the Adirondacks, running into the Olympic speed skating Oval to Neil Diamonds, “Coming to America,” with my name being announced (as if I had WON!) was just something I’ll never forget. I will do it again soon! 

In the Spring of 2006, I was lucky to travel to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to become certified as a USA Triathlon Coach.  I am currently thrilled to be coaching beginner triathletes, as well as seasoned athletes, and seeing them cross finish lines and race faster than they ever have!

As the Corporate Fitness Manager at Oracle Corporation in Reston, VA from 2002-2007, I was lucky to be able to personal train, group train, plan and teach educational events, organize incentives for members, plan health fairs and more. 

I  made the decision to pursue my dream of working for myself in May 2007 and am now dedicated professionally to personal and group training and coaching endurance athletes through Rising Sun Fitness.   My husband Ryan and I are blessed to have a beautiful and strong daughter, Phoebe Brooke Adams, born in May 2005 and our little guy, Forrest Owen Adams, born in May 2007.

I am lucky to have such AWESOME groups and private clients to work with each week.  I love offering a variety of classes and having people challenge themselves in different ways, stepping out of their comfort zones and realizing all that they can do!  I believe in the importance of  going all out and kicking butt in boot camps, as well as relaxing, centering and calming through yoga.  I believe in the importance of strength training, as well as continuing a daily effort to make healthy nutritional choices.  I believe in counting fruit and vegetable servings, not carbs/protein/fat grams.  I believe in making exercise, health, nutrition and wellness simple and not overbearing. 


People claim that I give them energy, but I feed on the energy of my clients as well.  I see the goals, and I see how achieving these goals can fit so well into people’s lives!  This is what life is all about… this is what each sunrise is about- new energy, new challenges, a new gift, and a new opportunity.  It's a new day...what a gift!